Songwriting is a craft. To borrow a "yogism", it is 90% technical and the other half is creativity. My approach to the craft of songwriting is to give you the tools, methods and devices to allow you to better express your creativity.

You will learn song forms and components*, how to construct chord progressions, theory, practical tips, tools and techniques for songwriting that are based on the analyses of thousands of hit songs--from Chubby Checker, The Beatles to Adele. You will be challenged to write using these methods.

While I believe strongly in learning the fundamentals, our approach is based upon the Berklee Method of "tools not rules". This approach to songwriting will immediately lead you to many more ideas for making your songs stronger, more expressive, more singable, and more appealing to your audience. You will also find that my approach to be an antidote for writer's block.

I provide instruction, not only in songwriting, but provide the ability to record your songs using professional grade audio equipment and, if needed, professional musicians.

All levels, all ages welcome!!

*for example: "Standard Bridge", "Verse Variation Bridge", "Nashville Bridge", "Harmonic Sequence Bridge", "Away" or "New Key Bridge", etc.